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What do you get when old-fashioned good taste meets healthy innovation? Noodles so packed with flavor you won't even notice they are made with wholegrains and have no added MSG, artificial colouring or preservatives. Or better yet - lower in fat, because the noodles are 100% steamed and baked, not fried.

Delicious Instant Noodles Packed with Wholegrain Goodness

Good for your tastebuds and good for you! The Koka Delight range delivers the flavours you love in a healthier package. Made with the goodness of whole grains, our noodles deliver big flavour and bigger nutrition, packing in more of what you and your body loves.

All Koka noodles are carefully crafted by our expert chefs, ensuring that each mouthful is as tasty as it can be. For the health conscious, these noodles are entirely steamed and baked, rather than fried, so you’re getting a low-fat option that doesn’t skimp on deliciousness.

Whether as a fast lunch to keep you going or an easy dinner to cap off the day, a packet of Koka Delight is sure to hit the spot. Find out what millions of people already know and discover how delicious our noodle treats are.

Bringing the flavours of Southeast Asia to India

The Koka Delight collection has something to suit every palette, offering the benefits of whole grains. Whether you’re looking for the tangy pleasures of tomato or to sample the flavours of our spicy black pepper noodles, there’s something to help liven up your lunch.

From vegetarians to devoted spice lovers , there’s a Koka Delight for you. Seafood lovers will love the spicy, coconutty flavours of our laksa, and our spicy sesame flavour perfectly captures what makes a bowl of home cooked noodles so satisfying. Find your favourite in the Koka Delight range today.

A dedication to quality, always

Koka was founded more than three decades ago with a focus on producing the very best noodles for people everywhere. Since 1986, the only thing that’s changed is how many people we serve. Every day people around the world tuck into a bowl of Koka. Find your favourite today and join the flavour revolution.