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Spicy, tangy, sweet, peppery. Any true Asian knows that bold flavors are at the heart of a delicious bowl of steaming instant noodles. Koka Signature is a perfect marriage of Singapore's favourite herbs and spices with her best-loved local dishes. Crafted to pack a punch in taste, it's the go-to-choice for those who like their noodles loaded with character.

Delicious, Home-Style Noodles in Authentic Singaporean Flavours

Experience the flavours and aromas of a traditional Singaporean kitchen. The Koka Signature range is our country’s gift to India and the world, bringing you some of our city’s favourite dishes in a convenient and healthy way. Whether you’re a lover of all things spicy and peppery or can’t get enough of tangy sweetness, our range has something delicious for you.

Make Koka a part of your day. The perfect lunch on-the-go, quick snack, or scrumptious dinner, our instant noodles deliver the flavour you’ve been looking for. Discover something that will really hit the spot and taste our Signature range today.

Something for everyone

With more people than ever hungry to experience the flavours of Singapore, we want to share our city’s unique culinary history and culture with people across India. From zesty pepper crab to spicy Singapore fried noodles and delectably sour Tom Yum, we have a range of options to suit every palette, from seafood lovers to vegetarians, so now everyone can enjoy a bowl of Koka. We’ve gone back to basics, embracing the herbs and spices that make Singapore’s cuisine unlike anything else in the world.

With bowls, cups and packets available, it’s easier than ever to take your meal on the go, or enjoy it the way you want in the comfort of your own home. Even better, you can enjoy the authentic flavours of Koka Signature instant noodle range guilt-free, because we’re all about real flavours and tastes – with no added MSG, artificial colouring or preservatives in every packet, bowl and cup.

A Singapore institution

For more than three decades, the Koka name has been synonymous with delicious and authentic instant noodles. Discover why we’ve been a favourite of people across the world since 1986 and find Koka in your local grocery store today.